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Cattery122 was purpose built in 2022 and designed to meet the standards set down by Asure Quality (Pet Boarding Establishments)

Situated on our lifestyle block in a tranquil country setting in an ever changing landscape with plenty of local wildlife to keep our guests entertained. 
The continual fluttering of visiting fantails, Quails and Ducks are regular visitors along with our resident Donkeys, Goats, Sheep, family dogs and cat.

We offer an assortment of accommodation ranging from bed sits through to family units.

Designed for 1 cat
1200mm wide x 800mm deep x 600mm high

Comfortable indoor units suited to the elderly or less mobile cat. These units will also accommodate kittens with our escape proof design. During daily cleaning of these bed sits, individual cats can have the opportunity to wander around the cattery.

Suitable for 1-2 cats (same family members only)
820mm wide x 1800mm deep x 2400mm high

Generously sized with a viewing platform to take in the outdoors with multiple sleeping options.

Can accommodate 1-4 cats 
(same family members only)
2700mm wide x 1800mm deep x 2400mm high

Generously sized with a viewing platform to take in the outdoors with multiple climbing and sleeping options.

Bed sit showing large cubby for single cat
Motel Unit showing climbing and sleeping space with nice bright window view
Family Unit showing large space and play equipment for cats
  • All units and bed sits are separated by a solid dividing wall to help reduce stress while in an environment with other cats, as they are not normally of a pack or herd animal psychology unless raised from young together. 
  •  All our units are cleaned and serviced daily and are deep cleaned between guests with a vet grade sanitising disinfectant.

  • The cattery has been built to the residential housing code and is fully insulated and temperature controlled to ensure your cat’s comfort 24 hours a day, all year round. 
  • Our custom designed air conditioning system ensures that cats cannot smell each other during their stay. There are also separate isolation units just in case of any unforeseen sickness.

  • All guests are provided with comfortable bedding, scratch posts, toys, maintenance grooming and lots of cuddles along with tummy rubs.

  • We are a cat only environment