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Our love of cats led us to establish a quality boarding cattery on our rural lifestyle property here in Tuamarina. Our friendly run boarding cattery provides a high standard of care and accommodation. It is a place where you can leave your cat with confidence in the knowledge that they will be well cared for by us, our first priority is the welfare of your cat.

Cattery122 was built based on what we have looked for in a cattery ourselves over the years when needing to board our own cats. All of our units are individually housed accommodation, there is no communal interaction between our guests. Only cats from the same household can share a motel or family unit together. Our cattery is climate controlled with a heating and cooling system that will keep your cat cosy warm in winter and comfortable in summer, along with a continuous fresh air replacement system for the introduction of clean fresh air whilst removing stale air.

The motel units and family units are of a multi level design to encourage physical activity and each have their own opening window which is secured by marine grade stainless steel mesh. There are large window sills for your cat to lounge on and take in the countryside view while also feeling the summer breeze, sunshine and listening to the local bird life for your cats mental stimulation.

For your peace of mind, the property and cattery are fitted with CCTV cameras and smoke detectors which are all linked to our private residence, allowing us to keep a close eye on the safety of our guests.

We know that leaving your cat in the care of someone else can be stressful so let us relieve some of your concerns by reassuring you that we take great pride in the quality of our service, care and attention. We document daily how your cat is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating. When cats are boarding for extended periods of time, we also weigh them weekly, so that weight loss or gain can be factored into the total assessment of their wellbeing. We want you to have peace of mind going on your break knowing that your fur baby is enjoying their break too, in a safe, secure and cosy environment.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member.
Don and Kim

Don and Kim smiling at the camera, wearing grey and purple branded Cattery 122 Shirts

For every confirmed booking $1 will be donated to Marlborough Four Paws