Absolutely, we highly recommend this. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

Yes, your cats vaccination certificate will need to be viewed. We recommend you bring along your cats favourite blanket or throw which will have their scent to help them relax while settling in.

Yes, absolutely we have this service available. Please refer to our taxi service rates information.

Yes! Cats from the same family are accommodated together unless otherwise specified.

We do. We consider over 28 days to be long term and offer a 10% discount on the rates (excluding from the 20th December to the 15th January period). Long term accounts must be settled monthly by way of internet banking. 

Your cats wellbeing is of the upmost importance to us. At the time of your first booking, we take your vets details and ask you to disclose any existing or recent medical conditions. In the event of illness, we will use either your vet or our vet. We will always let you or your emergency contact person know before contacting a vet should your cat become ill.

We are happy to administer your cats daily medication. All medication must be in it’s original packaging with the cats name, dosage instructions and prescribing veterinary details. We may not be able to administer medications to cats that are aggressive or overly difficult. 

Maintenance grooming is included for any cat that enjoys it, please bring your cats brush from home. We do not provide professional grooming services, this must be arranged privately. 

Most cats settle in very quickly. Some cats crave attention and will get plenty of it (cuddles are always FREE), but the timid or elderly tend to prefer to be left to themselves and we respect that. We provide purpose built boxes for them to hide in and keep disturbances to a minimum.

No, not at all. Cats are feed twice daily, we carry a range of Black Hawk dry food. If your cat is a fussy eater or has a specific diet, you may like to bring in your cats preferred food. You would need to provide enough to last the whole stay.